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300 Years to David Guramishvili
300 Years to David Guramishvili
300 Years to David Guramishvili

300 Years to David Guramishvili

Monday, 19 September 2005
Rating: 2 grivnas
metall: nickel silver
circulation: 30000
diametr: 31 mm
The weight: 12,8 grams
herd: corrugated
series: Other coins
category: ordinary
NBU Price: 22
The coin is dedicated to 300 Years of David Guramishvili (1705 - 1792), an outstanding Georgian poet, whose life and creative work were closely bound up with Ukraine: in 1760 the poet settled down in Myrhorod, where he lived till the end of his life. Guramishvili`s literary work started in Georgia, but his poetic talent become fully apparent exactly in Ukraine. His autobiographical collected poems `Davitiani` (1787), the poet`s most distinguished work, were created in Ukraine. His other poem `Joyous Spring` was full of sympathy towards peasants and had vivid Ukrainian colouring
On the coin obverse there is a depiction of two national ornamentations - Georgian and Ukrainian, connected together, which symbolizes ties and friendship between two peoples; above there is a semicircular inscription: УКРАЇНА, under which there is the sm
On the coin reverse there is a half face portrait of David Guramishvili upon the background of a conventionalized hilly Georgian landscape, on peak of one of its mountains a temple is located; to the left and right there is a semicircular inscription in U
artist: Volodymyr Taran, Oleksandr Kharuk, Serhii Kharuk
sculptor: Volodymyr Atamanchuk

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