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First International Coin Fair in Baltic States to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania

MS Vilnius2018 Association is the coin collectors in Ukraine

The first international coin fair in Baltic States will take place from November 17 until November 18, 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The mission of the fair is to promote numismatic traditions in the region and investments in collectors’ commodities.

This international event will gather quests from various places, such as Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, the Baltic States and other European countries. Within two days, dozens of traders and dealers are going to present their coins, medals, banknotes, decorations and souvenirs, golden and silver items. Collectors, traders, investors will be encouraged not only to buy, sell, trade, bargain but also to discuss the most actual topics in numismatic world in a number of sessions organized during exhibition.

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Coins catalog of Ukraine №9

Ukrainian coins

Dear user of the resource (Association of Numismatists and Collectors of Ukraine).
We are glad to present you a new issue of our catalog - Coins catalog of Ukraine №9

The catalog contains 505 pages of images and useful materials on coins, banknotes of Ukraine.

New number added:
1. Images and descriptions of change coins of Ukraine
2. Added new coins, their images, souvenir packages and descriptions
3. Updated prices and analytical information
4. New reference materials for collectors have been added
5. Many other updates and add-ons

We will be glad to receive from you Feedback, suggestions, comments on our email address (which you can find in our catalog)

You can download the catalog from the link on the left panel of our site

Sincerely, The Administration

Catalogue of coins of Ukraine №6. 2017

Catalog2017p1 Association is the coin collectors in Ukraine

We would like to congratulate you on the holiday, and wish you increase your collections in the coming 2017.
We present you a new number from our catalog "Catalogue of coins of Ukraine №6. 2017".
This catalog is dramatically enhanced over previous versions of the directory. The catalog consists of 125 pages of useful information about coins of Ukraine. This catalog will continue to develop rapidly, filled and adjusted.

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