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Assessment of coins

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The condition of the coins is estimated taking into account two main factors - the quality of coinage and save the coins. Detailed assessment methodology developed by D. Mosheim and N. Dashevsky (Soviet collector. 1978, No. 16, pp. 106 - 107). They suggested distinguish the following States: excellent, very good, good, average, and mediocre. This scale, if it to add another rating, namely the highest collector's quality, it meets the most discerning requirements.

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The most expensive coins of the world

The most expensive coins of the world
Today coins almost no one associated with big money – a trifle, ringing in your pocket, all trying to quickly sell with it. Meanwhile in the world there are truly valuable coins – so much so that cost them millions of dollars. Collectors are strange people, sometimes they are willing to pay for a coin a lot more of its value. We offer you the top 10 most expensive copies.

How a "double eagle" in 1933 became the most expensive coin in the world? Interrupted flight

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For the inexperienced in numismatics people value coins in the first place, determined by its age. In fact, much more complicated. How do you explain that the most expensive coin in the history of mankind today is the "double eagle" in 1933 coinage – a gold coin worth $ 20?

According to the collectors "double eagle" model of 1907 designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens is not just a work of art and a true masterpiece. But why is it that, out of many thousands of coins minted by the American Treasury, the most expensive is recognized as the only one which, strictly speaking, even for money could be considered a stretch?

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