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The condition of the coins

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The condition of the coins

Polished coin.

The mistaken belief that "polished"is a state of coins . Actually , the coin is minted in a special process - polished stamp on the polished of the workpiece , hitting double-precision stamps for stocking coins . The special treatment of the working stamps is that after extruding them in the recesses with Queen stamps etched with acid to make the surface "roughness", and their end surfaces then polished "to the mirror". Special handling mint circles before the die is polished on both sides also "to mirror". And chiselled in two strikes achieved complete filling of all the internal cavities of the stamp a metal coin flan, resulting in a minted coin and acquires the final form : the matte surface of all the convex parts of the image , a mirror surface throughout the field of the coin, total lack neprocitana" image , pair of Kant with the field of the coin is strictly at a right angle, etc. usually has a mirror field and frosted relief .

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Rare coins of the USSR: two kops, 1942

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During the great Patriotic war in the USSR, the economy was in a very difficult position, and this could not affect the production of coins. Leningrad mint were evacuated in the city of Krasnokamensk TRANS-Baikal region. Absent high-quality metal, didn't have a good equipment, in addition, there was a great shortage of staff as most employees were drafted into the army. However, money was minted, but with the big restrictions, and some denominations of coins had not been produced.

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Novodel coins. Fake that deserves attention.

Russian coins

Numismatics in the modern world – one of the most common Hobbies that affects people of different ages, professions and classes. But the variety of coins is so great that everyone chooses for himself a certain category of collectibles, for example, only commemorative coins or relevant to any historical period. Some people collect coins of a specific denomination or pogodowe for kings, and some prefer a remake, that is newly made coins minted prototype of already existing money.

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