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The condition of the coins

rubl_5 The condition of the coins

The condition of the coins

Polished coin.

The mistaken belief that "polished"is a state of coins . Actually , the coin is minted in a special process - polished stamp on the polished of the workpiece , hitting double-precision stamps for stocking coins . The special treatment of the working stamps is that after extruding them in the recesses with Queen stamps etched with acid to make the surface "roughness", and their end surfaces then polished "to the mirror". Special handling mint circles before the die is polished on both sides also "to mirror". And chiselled in two strikes achieved complete filling of all the internal cavities of the stamp a metal coin flan, resulting in a minted coin and acquires the final form : the matte surface of all the convex parts of the image , a mirror surface throughout the field of the coin, total lack neprocitana" image , pair of Kant with the field of the coin is strictly at a right angle, etc. usually has a mirror field and frosted relief .

In the process of making each coin individually (by hand with gloves x/b ) is packaged in a capsule or other device intended for the protection of coins against mechanical damage during transportation and storage . In the field of coins possible scratches that appear when you improperly use thereof - for example , when starting with your hands or when wiping with a hard cloth . These coins are designated as Proof - and are estimated at half the prices are great . Exception-polished coins with defects produced before 1930 . In this case, the rating of the coins should be treated less harshly . Should be distinguished from brilliant - uncirculated . Coins minted by this technology is designed , usually only for collectors and rarely have donativo function - i.e. for the gifts to the delegations attending mondor , heads of government , monarchs etc. In the Imperial Russia, the definition is "Minted stamp and polished with mirror surface.Possible options - riverpro and matterof. Riverpro - matte field and mirror image. Matterof the whole coin is matte .

The following are the definitions of the qualities of coins , not originally intended for collectors . If the sides of the coins are of different quality , the overall condition of the coins is measured at worst side . And , in any case , is also taken into account the condition of the herd.

Were not in circulation.

Original luster coins in the form in which it left the mint . The coin is absolutely not touched . No visible mechanical damage . Is defined by the terms "uncirculated" and "brilliant-uncirculated". In the second case, this coin was originally minted for collectors.


Same as "was Not in circulation , but without the initial sheen . Mechanical damage is not

Very good.

The coin has no luster or hammered has its remnants . Mechanical damage none or few of them - for example , abrasions on the convex areas of the landscape.


The coin is worn , but all text and images are well preserved.


The coin is pretty worn down . Image visible , but it is bad . Text and date are visible.

Very bad.

The coin is very heavily worn . Has multiple mechanical damage . Perhaps - hole . Coins in this condition are considered only if it is a very rare coin .Otherwise it is recommended to give to children.

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