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Assessment of coins

rubl_4 Assessment of coins

The condition of the coins is estimated taking into account two main factors - the quality of coinage and save the coins. Detailed assessment methodology developed by D. Mosheim and N. Dashevsky (Soviet collector. 1978, No. 16, pp. 106 - 107). They suggested distinguish the following States: excellent, very good, good, average, and mediocre. This scale, if it to add another rating, namely the highest collector's quality, it meets the most discerning requirements.

Higher collectible condition. Coin specially made for collectors polished dies on a polished circle. Field of the coin is glossy, without visible under a magnifying glass a doubling of defects - scratches, pits, black spots, etc. Exposed parts of the drawing - lines of the rim, ornament, figures, inscriptions, images - Matt. To the highest collector quality include, for example, silver, gold, platinum, and copper-Nickel coins, issued in compliance with the category coins <ргооf>.

Great. The coin is minted new naznachenie stamps. Field and the image of a shiny, polished. Under the double magnifying glass do not see serious traces of handling. For perfect quality can be attributed to the coins issued for collectors without regard to the requirements of category <ргооf> (for example, special issues jubilee and commemorative coins, the image of which is polished, but has no matting details).

Very good. The coin was not in circulation. Under a magnifying glass you can see on the field and the image some of the defects of the coinage (the blurred image details, letters, numbers) and evidence bags (small scratches, spots, etc ). Coins quality <ргооf> scratches on glossy box, and other defects can not be evaluated higher status categories <very good>.

Good. Coin, defects which are visible to the naked eye, but do not spoil its overall appearance.

Average. Visible traces of a long stay in circulation, abrasions, protrusions, corrosion and cleaning. This includes new coins with minor defects coinage: prestuplenya parts of the opposite side, the bruising of the parts (stars, spikes, relief of the globe, etc.) neokarma small parts of the picture. With all this evidence to determine the type of coins not lost, and clear enough to read.

Mediocre. The coin that received damage in the sphere of circulation, which has greater attrition, pagnutti, traces of straightening, deep sink. Or new, but minted with technological defects - shift stamps, traces of strong contact, out-of-print hammered ring, resulting in completely or partially missing or notch Gurtovoy inscription. Details of the image, we need to determine the species, poorly distinguishable or indistinguishable altogether.

Coins below mediocre collection status not decorated, and include them in fees is possible only in cases, when it comes to varieties of high rarity.

An assessment of the overall condition of the coin consists of estimates of the stamp and the front sides. The deciding factor should remain as the most bad sides. If the stamp side is in good condition, and personal - in a mediocre, it is unlikely that the collector will agree on an overall assessment of coins as a medium. It should be classified as mediocre. Less impact on the overall assessment of the coins makes the condition of the herd. For example, a good coin with no inscription wholesale in cases where it should be, cannot be rated lower than good. Only in cases, when it comes to variety, formed by the clearance edge (for example, inscriptions in silver rubles 1922, with different initials of the heads of production - AG and PL), as they may affect the overall rating of the coin.

G (good) - very heavy wear, the inscription is not readable (relief remained at 1-2/10).

VG (very good) — satisfactory — strong wear, inscription partly readable, the box is worn, but noticeable all the features of the coins. (relief remained at 2-3/10).

F (fine) — nice — coin has been in circulation for a long time, but the details can be seen clearly (relief remained at 4-5/10)

VF (very fine) — very good — the coin has been in circulation, noticeable wear, but has retained much of its original surface (relief remained at 6-7/10)

XF — great coin with slight traces of circulation (relief remained at 8-9/10).

aUNC or AU (about uncirculated) — almost excellent — the handling is almost absent, but the state is a bit far from UNC. (save 9/10).

UNC (uncirculated) - excellent - signs of circulation are absent. On this coin there may be scratches or bumps that appear when you drop coins in container at the mint and during transport in bags. (safety 10/10)

BU (brilliant uncirculated) - a Coin specially made for collectors by conventional techniques, sometimes enhanced mugs, packaged immediately to dorev mint sets, packages or capsules. Not permitted any mechanical defects

PROOF or PRF Coin made for collectors with a special, superior minting technology - polished field, and matirovanie image usually Packed from the mint sets in packets or capsules. Not permitted any mechanical defects.

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