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A private Museum, buy awards of the USSR

new_banner_orden A private Museum, buy awards of the USSR
A private Museum, buy awards of the USSR (Dnepropetrovsk)

Our private Museum is ready to by awards of the USSR, so if You have the desire to sell awards of the USSR or to learn the cost of decorations (we assess in the online mode), then the proposal will be of interest to You. It should be noted that awards of the USSR, the prices in Ukraine can be very different, from several hundred to tens of thousands of hryvnia, so if You have the order, the signs, tokens of the former republics of the USSR, badges, insignia WWII (1941-1945) and the documents thereto; orders, medals, signs for the end of universities, military academies, percussionists, honors, etc. prior to 1991, and documents, then do not waste your time, please contact us.

The list of medals of the USSR for purchase:

Medal "gold star"
Medal "Hammer and Sickle"
Medal "For labour valour"
Medal "For labour distinction"
The Medal "For Courage"
The Medal Of Ushakov
Medal "For military merit"
The Medal Of Nakhimov
Medal "Partisan of the Patriotic war"
Medal "For distinction in guarding the state border of the USSR"
Medal "For distinction in military service"
Medal "For strengthening combat Commonwealth"
Medal For restoration enterprises of ferrous metallurgy of the South
Medal For restoration coal mines of Donbass"
Medal "For construction of BAM"
Medal "For the transformation Nechernozemie RSFSR"
Medal "For the explorations of subsoil and development of oil and gas complex of Western Siberia"
Medal "for excellent service on public order protection"
Medal "For bravery on fire"
Medal "For the rescue of drowning"
The medal "For defense of Odessa"
Medal "For defense of Sevastopol"
Medal "For defense of Soviet Arctic"
The medal "For defense of Kiev"
Medal "For the capture of Budapest"
Medal "For the capture of Vienna"
Medal "For liberation of Belgrade"
Medal "For liberation of Prague"
Jubilee medal "20 years of the red army

List of orders of the USSR, which buys our Museum:

The Order Of Lenin
The Order Of The Red Banner Of Labor
The order of friendship of peoples
The "badge of honor"
Order Of Labour Glory
Order "For personal courage"
Order Of The Red Banner
The Order Of Suvorov
The Order Of Ushakov
The Order Of Kutuzov
The Order Of Nakhimov
Order Of Bogdan Khmelnitsky
The Order Of Alexander Nevsky
Order of the Patriotic war
Order of the red star
The Order Of Glory
Order "Mother-heroine"
Order "Maternal glory"

If You have a suggestion for us, leave us a message via the contact form here:

Include Your name, telephone email address existing award

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